May is National Water Safety Month—Here are Some Tips for Safe Swimming!

Wrought iron pool gate with pool safety guidelines secures a community pool area.As the unofficial beginning of swimming season in many parts of the country, the month of May has been designated as National Water Safety Month. Sponsored by The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals in partnership with the National Recreation & Parks Association, the World Waterpark Association, and the American Red Cross, this annual event aims to spread public awareness about the risk of drowning and how to prevent it through safer water practices. At DCS Pool Barriers, pool safety is one of our main priorities all year-round, so we are always excited to participate in the sharing of information designed to promote a safe and enjoyable swimming season. 

According to The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, here are a few crucial water safety tips to remember this summer: 

    • Ensure that there is constant, attentive adult supervision whenever children are near water. When it comes to drowning prevention, there is no substitute for nonstop adult supervision! This means that the responsible adult should not be distracted (such as by conversation or their phones), should be able to recognize the signs that a child is struggling in the water, and should be located within arm’s reach of any children they are watching. At social functions, be sure to designate one or more supervising adults, and always inform babysitters about proper water safety practices. Never assume that someone is watching a child—check with them frequently to confirm that they are paying close attention!
    • Install proper pool barriers in order to prevent unauthorized access to the pool area. Pool fences should be at least five feet tall, completely surround the pool area, and should be free of any openings through which an object that is four or more inches in diameter could pass. Pool gates should be self-closing and self-latching, and never propped open. At all times—including during the winter—pool barriers should be maintained in sound condition so that they are not vulnerable to being breached. At DCS Pool Barriers, we recommend wrought iron for pool fences and gates, as it is more durable than alternative materials—and it adds a stylish aesthetic to any property!
    • If your home’s doors and windows open directly to the pool area, consider equipping them with alarms that will sound whenever someone tries to exit without disabling the alarm.
    • Equip your pool area with safety essentials, including a landline phone, first-aid kit, CPR instructions, and rescue devices. 
    • If a child is ever missing, check the pool area immediately. Keep in mind that when it comes to drowning, time is absolutely critical—tragically, a delay of mere seconds could lead to death or permanent brain damage.
    • Do not leave objects, such as toys or rafts, in the pool area when not in use, as these could entice a child into trying to enter the pool area.
    • Remember that drowning can be silent. Unlike in the movies, it does not always involve dramatic splashing and crying for help, so it is essential that adults are familiar with the signs that a child is in trouble.

As you celebrate National Water Safety Month and get your pool ready for summer, don’t forget to ensure that your pool fences and gates are in good repair and compliant with Arizona law. In need of new fences or gates? At DCS Pool Barriers, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing premium-quality wrought iron pool barriers that will secure your pool area while enhancing the style of your property. Call us today at 623-825-7700 to request a free estimate!