A Safe and Sleek New Pool Fence for We-Ko-Pa Resort and Conference Center

DCS Pool Barriers - We-Ko-Pa Resort & Conference Center

Nestled amidst the beauty of the Sonoran Desert in far East Scottsdale, We-Ko-Pa Resort and Conference Center offers guests a tranquil oasis away from the bustle of the city. One of the resort’s popular attractions is a large outdoor pool where guests can play and bask in the desert sun all the while taking in views of the beautiful mountains.

Recently, We-Ko-Pa Resort was facing a problem; the fencing surrounding the pool area was deteriorating and rusted. In addition to detracting from the property’s beauty – and thus having a negative effect on the guest experience – the worn-down fencing posed a hazard to guests and heightened the resort’s exposure to liability. When a pool barrier is in disrepair, it may be breached more easily, which could allow children to enter the pool area unsupervised and encounter the risk of drowning.

We-Ko-Pa’s management wanted to update the pool fence’s design and ensure that it was safe and reliable, so they consulted DCS Pool Barriers. The experts at DCS Pool Barriers determined that replacing the property’s 550 feet of pool fencing was the best option.DCS Pool Barriers - We-Ko-Pa Resort & Conference Center

After assessing We-Ko-Pa’s needs, DCS Pool Barriers designed, manufactured, and installed a new wrought iron pool fence that is durable and enhances the property’s appearance. Wrought iron is an excellent choice for commercial pool fencing because it is naturally sturdy, ensuring that it will effectively secure the pool area for years to come. As an extra layer of protection, all wrought iron products from DCS Pool Barriers carry the option of galvanization with a twenty-year warranty. This process adds a zinc coating that safeguards against rust.

We-Ko-Pa’s new pool fence also adds a sleek, contemporary aesthetic to the pool area without infringing on guests’ views of the beautiful surroundings. The fence even features a geometric design that represents the resort’s Southwestern and Native American style.

With its pool area protected by a safe and attractive new fence, the team at We-Ko-Pa Resort can enjoy peace of mind while delivering an optimal experience for guests.DCS Pool Barriers - We-Ko-Pa Resort & Conference Center

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