5 Tips for Choosing Plants That Complement Your Backyard Pool Paradise

DCS Pool Barriers Backyard Plants

While nothing beats a refreshing dip in the pool on a hot day, enjoyment of your backyard oasis extends beyond the pool itself. Creating the ideal pool area involves selecting the right furniture, patio materials, fences, gates, and plant life for maximum safety and enjoyment. Plants in particular have the power to transform the pool area into a lush and inviting paradise—or an overgrown mess that requires constant maintenance and can even harm your pool equipment.

The cooler weather of the winter months provides the perfect opportunity for switching out the plants surrounding your pool. Here are a few tips for choosing flora that will create a safe, beautiful, and functional backyard pool paradise:

  1. Opt for plants that shed minimal debris. Not only will excessive plant droppings necessitate frequent maintenance—cutting into the time you spend enjoying your pool area—but leaves, flowers, and other debris can clog the pool’s filtration system. Examples of low-litter trees and plants include Mexican blue palms, desert lavender, and birds of paradise. Plants that do produce debris should be planted downwind from the pool.
  2. Research the times of year that different plants bloom and choose a selection that will keep your pool area DCS Pool Barriers Backyard Plantslooking vibrant no matter the season. This is particularly important in the Phoenix area, where the warm weather allows homeowners to enjoy their pools throughout much of the year.
  3. Carefully consider how plants are positioned. Flora should not be placed too close to the pool, so that it frames the pool while allowing it to take center stage. Place trees and hedges along boundaries to create privacy.
  4. Choose plants that do not require much water, as heavy irrigation can damage the patio, fencing, and furniture. Examples of plants that require minimal water but still beautify your pool area include Arizona rosewoods, desert marigolds, and Texas sage.
  5. Ensure that cacti are placed far away from the pool and walkways in order to minimize the risk of painful encounters with prickly thorns. Cacti and succulents are great choices for the pool area because they require minimal irrigation and shed barely any debris, but it is important to keep them at a safe distance from areas heavily used by people and pets. Cactus will pop inflatables and toys.DCS Pool Barriers Backyard Plants

Selecting the right plants is just one step in creating a safe and visually enticing backyard oasis. The fences and gates surrounding the pool area are crucial for protecting kids and pets from the risk of drowning by preventing unsupervised entry. Wrought iron is a timeless and reliable choice for pool barriers because its natural durability makes it resistant to damage and rust, while its malleability allows it to be customized to suit the style of any property.

DCS Pool Barriers has been designing, manufacturing, and installing premium-quality wrought iron fDCS Wrought Iron Pool Gate ences and gates for pool areas around the Phoenix area for over ten years. As you select the perfect plants and other elements for the pool area of your dreams, call DCS Pool Barriers at 623-825-7700 for a free estimate!