A Sharp New Look for the Pool Area at Paradise RV Resort

DCS Pool Barriers - Paradise RV Resort

As a semi-public facility, Paradise RV Resort was initially prompted to replace the fencing around its pool area in order to comply with county regulations. However, after receiving a new fence from DCS Pool Barriers, the community has enjoyed several surprising benefits that have enhanced the beauty, functionality, and safety of the pool area.

In both commercial and residential settings, wrought iron is one of the most popular fencing materials due to its timeless elegance and its ability to accentuate the style of any property. “I didn’t expect that simply replacing pool fencing would do so much to dress up the grounds, but I have been pleasantly surprised by how much the fence has beautified the area. Our new wrought iron fence has really added a rich appearance,” said Scott Mathews, General Manager of Paradise RV Resort. “It’s heads and tails above the old fence we had. I particularly like the very sharp-looking double pickets on the pony wall.”

In addition to its natural beauty, wrought iron is one of the safest choices for pool area fencing. Due to its high level of durability, wrought iron cannot be easily climbed or damaged, making it resistant to unauthorized entry. A strong and safe pool barrier is particularly important in communities, like Paradise RV Resort, where many people—including children—have access to the pool. While helping to make the Paradise RV Resort a safer community, the new wrought iron fencing also fulfilled the managers’ goals of improving guest flow and accessibility to the pool area.

Impressed by their new fencing, the Paradise RV Resort community also took the time to recognize DCS Pool Barriers for our team’s easy installation process and the value we offered. “Overall, I am very pleased with the work that DCS Pool Barriers did on our property,” said Scott. “The installers were efficient and great to work with. I was also pleased with the value.  We were able to get virtually all new fencing for about the same price as a competitor that was going to reuse a good portion of the existing fence. Thanks to everyone at DCS Pool Barriers!”

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