Wrought Iron Pool Fences: The Perfect Asset for Any Commercial Property

DCS Commercial Pool Fence

For residential and commercial property owners alike, aesthetics, cost, and most importantly, safety are the key factors that must be balanced when designing a pool area. However, due to the higher volume of visitors that commercial pools experience, these concerns are amplified for commercial property owners, including the owners of hotels, apartment complexes, and HOAs. Wrought iron pool fences offer an effective solution for maintaining a pool area that is safe and attractive to visitors while protecting the property owner’s bottom line.

Safety is always the paramount concern associated with any pool. The risk of drowning poses a significant threat to children and pets who may enter the pool area unsupervised, so proper barriers must be in place to prevent such entry. A well-secured pool area is particularly crucial for commercial properties, as businesses face greater liability than residential property owners. Wrought iron is one of the safest materials for pool fencing because it is highly durable, making it resistant to damage that could allow unauthorized entry. It is also difficult to climb, so curious children will not be able to make their way into the pool area as long as the property owner ensures that there are no objects surrounding the fence that could be used as handholds or footholds.DCS Pool Barriers Community Pool Fencing

Commercial properties must also maintain a beautiful appearance for the satisfaction of guests and tenants. For centuries, wrought iron has been admired for its elegant simplicity and stately aesthetic. Wrought iron pool fences can be shaped to complement the style of any property, from sleek and minimalist to grand and ornate. For guests lounging by the pool, wrought iron fences will not obscure the views of the surrounding areas.

In addition to worrying about the safety and satisfaction of visitors, commercial property owners must always ensure that their businesses are operating profitably. Therefore, the costs of any improvements to the property must be weighed against the benefits. When choosing a fence to enclose a pool area, wrought iron offers a cost-effective option. Wrought iron’s natural strength prolongs its useful life, minimizing the need for repair or replacement. This is true even in Arizona, where outdoor fixtures are subjected to intense year-round sun and occasional heavy rains. All wrought iron products from DCS Pool Barriers carry the option of galvanization, which is the process of adding a protective zinc coating to safeguard against rust. DCS Pool Barriers offers a twenty-year warranty on galvanized products, giving property owners peace of mind that their investment will deliver value for DCS Pool Barriers Wrought Iron Fencingyears to come.

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