5 Tips for a Safe and Fun Summer Pool Party

DCS Pool Barriers - Pool Party

In the midst of a sweltering Arizona summer, the pool provides a refreshing escape and an oasis in which to comfortably spend time outdoors.  What better way to make the most of your pool — and enjoy the company of friends and family — than by hosting a pool party?

If you are planning a pool party this summer, you are probably focusing on the exciting details, like who to invite, which snacks to serve, and which music to play.  However, any time that people gather around the pool, safety should be the main concern.  Safety is particularly important at parties because when guests are distracted and having fun, children and pets run the risk of finding their way into the pool unsupervised.  Here are a few tips to ensure a successful summer pool party:

  1. Tell invitees what they need to bring.  Guests may be unsure whether they should bring their own towels, pool toys, or flotation devices for kids.  Helping them plan what they need will ensure that everyone enjoys themselves fully!DCS Pool Barriers - Pool Party
  2. Be prepared with the safety essentials.  Even if you are expecting guests to bring what they need for a fun and safe day at the pool, someone will inevitably forget something.  To safeguard against accidents, be ready to offer staples like sunscreen, a first-aid kit, and “floaties” for kids.
  3. Offer plenty of refreshments.  When enjoying a cool dip in the pool, it is easy to forget how hot and dry the weather is and become dehydrated.  Dehydration can cause symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, and confusion — all of which can quickly turn swimming into a risky activity.  Supply plenty of cold water and juices for your guests, as well as refreshing and salty snacks like fruit, pretzels and, of course, ice cream!
  4. Constant supervision.  Whenever children are around water, no safety measure is more effective than ceaseless adult supervision.  Kids can become endangered in the water in a matter of seconds, and situations can quickly turn tragic due to all of the distractions at a party.  Fortunately, drowning is entirely preventable.  To reduce the risk, consider assigning a few adults to “lifeguard duty,” asking them to keep a close eye on children around the pool area for the duration of the party.
  5. Secure the pool area when not in use.  If the party moves indoors, make sure that all points of entry to your pool area are securely locked, gates are not left propped open, and any objects that children could use to climb the pool fence are removed.

With a little planning and an emphasis on safety, a pool party can be a fun source of relief from summer heat.  For times when your pool is not in use, well-maintained, properly functioning fences and gates are essential fixtures for keeping the pool area secure from unauthorized entry  by DCS Pool Barriers - Pool Party 1children and pets.  DCS Pool Barriers designs, manufactures, and installs wrought iron pool fences and gates using the highest quality materials.  Our experts will ensure that your pool barriers are operating in prime condition and are compliant with local law.  Get your pool area ready for your next party — call us today at 623-825-7700 for a free estimate!

DCS Pool Barriers - Pool Safety