Summer Safety for All — Including Your Pet!

Each June, the National Safety Council and thousands of other organizations across the country observe National Safety Month.  With a goal of raising awareness about common causes of injury and how to avoid them, National Safety Month serves as a timely reminder of the precautions that everyone should take when heading outdoors during the summer.  This annual month of awareness is a great time to review ways to ensure the safety of all members of the family, including pets.

DCS Pool Barriers Pet Fencing

In Arizona, swimming pools are among the most fun and effective ways for humans and pets alike to escape the oppressive heat of summer.  Unfortunately, they are also common sources of at-home injuries.  Some dog owners wrongly assume that their four-legged family members are natural swimmers and can be left around the pool with minimal supervision.  In reality, not all  dog breeds have the innate ability to swim, and even those that do may be susceptible to drowning under certain circumstances.  Therefore, the same rule that governs pool safety for children also applies to pets: constant supervision is the only way to prevent drowning!  With this in mind, here are some other tips to help keep beloved pets safe by the pool:

  • Teach your dog how to swim.  Just like with humans, swimming skills significantly reduce the risk of drowning.  A professional dog trainer can help your pooch overcome fear of water and learn to stay afloat.
  • Have your pet wear a life vest as an extra layer of protection.  Pet life vests are available in a variety of sizes and styles and allow your pet to safely and comfortably enjoy the water — with relentless human supervision, of course!
  • Be sure that your pet knows how to exit the pool.  Animals cannot tell you that they have had enough swimming and are ready to get their paws back on dry land.  If they do not know how to leave the pool, they may simply remain in it until they become exhausted, which heightens the risk of drowning.
  • Keep pets hydrated.  In the midst of a notoriously sweltering Arizona summer day, even swimming pools do not offer complete protection against heat stroke and dehydration.  This is true for both humans and pets.  When lounging around the pool area, ensure that all members of the family stay hydrated and have access to shade.  Bringing your pet’s bowl outside and ensuring that it remains full will also help to discourage him from drinking the chemical-laden pool water.DCS Pool Barriers Pet Fencing
  • Enclose your pool area with a sturdy fence and gate.  Fences and gates keep pets from escaping while you are at the pool area, and prevent them from entering without supervision when you are elsewhere.  Wrought iron, the material of choice from DCS Pool Barriers, is an excellent choice for a safer pool area.  Due to its high level of durability, wrought iron is resistant to damage from the intense sun, water, and other threats.  This quality allows wrought iron pool fences and gates to provide protection to the whole family for years to come.

With over a decade of experience, the team at DCS Pool Barriers strives to create safe and beautiful pool areas with our wrought iron fences and gates.  We offer “puppy fencing,” which features narrower spaces between the pickets in order to prevent small animals from entering the pool area.  As with all wrought iron products from DCS Pool Barriers, puppy pool fencing is customizable to suit your style and needs.  National Safety Month starts with your backyard — contact DCS Pool Barriers today at 623-825-7700 for a free estimate!