It's Swimming Season – Is Your Pool Safe for Summer?

DCS Pool Barriers Wrought Iron Pool Fence

With temperatures in the Phoenix area already reaching triple digits on some days, the refreshment offered by pools is beckoning swimmers in both residential and commercial settings.  Property owners must take several steps to ensure that their pools are ready for swimming season: the water must be clean and properly chlorinated, the surrounding patio and landscaping must be maintained, and most importantly, the pool area must be secured in order to reduce the risk of drowning.

Well-maintained, legally compliant fences and gates are the first line of defense against potentially tragic swimming pool accidents.  Here are a few measures to take as you make sure that your pool is ready for the busiest months of the year:

  • Review state and local laws governing pool safety.  Arizona law requires pool areas to be secured with a self-closing, self-latching gate that opens outward from the pool area.  Generally, the latch must be at least 54 inches above the ground so that it is out of the reach of children.  The pool fence must be at least five feet high, be located at least twenty inches from the water, and be free of any openings, handholds, or footholds that would permit unauthorized entry.DCS Pool Barriers Wrought Iron Pool Fence
  • Verify that fences and gates are in sound operating condition.  Simply having pool gates and fences may not be sufficient to prevent accidents: these barriers could fail to achieve their intended purpose if they are not maintained in good repair.  As pool season begins, take the time to make sure that your fences are not rusted or otherwise damaged and that the locks and hinges on gates are functioning properly.  At DCS Pool Barriers, we believe that wrought iron is the safest material for pool fences and gates due to its strength and the fact that it cannot be climbed easily.  All wrought iron products from DCS Pool Barriers are manufactured using the highest quality materials and offer the option of galvanization, which further protects against rust by sealing the wrought iron with a zinc coating.  These measures ensure that for years to come, pool fences and gates will form secure barriers against the unsupervised entry of children, pets, and other visitors to the pool area for whom accidental drowning could pose a risk.DCS Pool Barriers Pool Safety is Everyone's Responsibility
  • Repair or replace barriers if necessary.  If the integrity of your fence or gate has become compromised through wear and tear, you may need to consider replacing it or at least restoring it to its prime condition.  DCS Pool Barriers will replace your fences or gates with durable wrought iron products that may be customized to suit the style of your property.  If only certain pickets have rusted or sustained damage, we will help you save money by just replacing those elements.  We also offer repair services using highly efficient techniques such as electrostatic painting.  Electrostatic painting is the leading method of finishing metal surfaces and achieves a smooth, even coat while avoiding overspray and drip marks.

The weather is perfect for enjoying your pool — make sure that your pool fences and gates enable you to enjoy it safely!  Contact DCS Pool Barriers at 623.825.7700 for a free estimate!