Tips for Creating a Beautiful (and Safe) Pool Area!

For homeowners who are fortunate enough to have pools, the pool area is the centerpiece of the backyard retreat.  Many factors contribute to the beauty of the pool area, from the pool itself to the fence surrounding it.

Here are a few tips for building a stunning yet safe pool area for your at-home oasis:DCS Wrought Iron Pool Fence

  • In order to reduce the risk of accidental drowning, Arizona law requires residential pools to be enclosed with fences and gates that meet specific requirements.  Choosing wrought iron, which contributes an elegant, stylish aesthetic, as a material for these barriers ensures that the pool area looks beautiful while remaining legally compliant.  Most importantly, wrought iron is a safer choice than other materials because it is more durable and cannot be easily climbed or damaged. Pool safety is everybody’s responsibility!
  • Choose attractive, low-maintenance plants for inside the pool area and the areas surrounding it.  The right foliage can help to transform any pool area into a verdant haven.  In the desert, plants like the heat-loving agave, tropical-style sago palm, or Arizona Rosewood contribute to a lush appearance without generating too much of the debris that finds its way into the pool and makes cleaning a hassle.  Wrought iron fences are works of art in themselves, but they still allow clear views of what lies beyond them.  When you choose a wrought iron fence to enclose your pool area, be sure to plant beautiful foliage as well.
  • Customize your fence to accentuate the style of the rest of your property.  Wrought iron is malleable, so whether your taste is minimalist, ornate, or somewhere in between, a wrought iron fence can be shaped to suit your preference.  Consider adding an arched gate or a curved fence that traces the natural contours of the property for a seamless effect.  DCS Pool Barriers offers custom curving and a variety of colors for your wrought iron fence.DCS Wrought Iron Pool Fence
  • Keep your pool clean and well-maintained.  No matter how much you invest in the appearance of your pool area, a dirty pool will ruin the aesthetic.  Make sure that your pool is free of debris, the filters are working properly so that the pool can clean itself effectively, and the water is sparkling and untainted by algae. Fortunately, when you enclose your pool area with a wrought iron fence, you can devote your entire maintenance budget to the pool itself: the superior durability of wrought iron means that it is better able to withstand the elements than other materials.  As an added layer of protection, all wrought iron products from DCS Pool Barriers carry the option of galvanization with a 20-year warranty.  Galvanization adds a zinc coating over the wrought iron to ensure that the product will be rust resistant for years to come.

At DCS Pool Barriers, we are committed to making your pool area everything an outdoor retreat should be: beautiful, safe, low maintenance, and a complement to the rest of your property.  Call us today at 623-825-7700 for a free estimate!