Four Reasons to Choose a Wrought Iron Fence for Your Pool Area

When designing a pool area, property owners are confronted with many questions and concerns.  What is the best way to ensure that children, pets, and others to whom the pool poses a threat do not enter? What is the optimum design for a pool area that provides a relaxing oasis while contributing to the beauty of the property?  One of the most important decisions is the type of fence with which to surround the pool area.

At DCS Pool Barriers, we are confident in the value of our wrought iron products.  Here are four reasons why wrought iron fences are better choices for your pool area than fences made from other materials:DCS Pool Barriers Wrought Iron Pool Fence

1.  When enclosing a pool area, the safety of children and pets is the top priority.  The durability of wrought iron contributes to its safety.  Wrought iron is capable of withstanding the elements, including the intense sun and high heat that are common in Arizona.  It is very difficult to climb or damage, making the pool area virtually impenetrable to those trying to access it without permission. Remember pool safety is everyone’s responsibility!

2.  Wrought iron enhances curb appeal.  Why compromise the beauty of your pool area with an unattractive fence?  A wrought iron pool fence contributes a stately, elegant aesthetic to any property without obstructing the view of the surrounding areas.

3.  Wrought iron is customizable.  Due to the malleable nature of wrought iron, the material may be customized to accentuate the unique style of any property.  Fences from DCS Pool Barriers are available in a variety of colors and carry the options of custom curving and decorative details.

4.  Thanks to the durability of wrought iron, it will last for a long time and deliver a strong return on investment.  As opposed to wood, wrought iron is not susceptible to damaging pests.  The natural rust-resistant quality of wrought iron is amplified by the option of galvanization from DCS Pool Barriers.  Galvanization is the process of adding a zinc coating over the wrought iron as an added layer of protection against rust.  All galvanized products from DCS Pool Barriers offer a twenty-year warranty.DCS Wrought Iron Pool Fence

With over a decade of experience, DCS Pool Barriers manufactures pool fences using materials of the highest quality, including premium grade sixteen-gauge steel.  We own each step of the production and installation process in order to ensure that each fence is as safe as possible and complies with all applicable laws and regulations.  Start enjoying the benefits of a custom wrought iron pool fence today – call DCS Pool Barriers at 623-825-7700 for a free estimate!