Remember Pool Safety This Holiday Season

Christmas Party

Whether you have a heated pool that you can enjoy year-round or you save swimming for the warmer months, Arizona’s pleasant temperatures invite outdoor living even during the winter.  During the holidays, the backyard provides a beautiful forum in which to gather with friends and family.  However, the rush of holiday get-togethers may make pool safety more difficult to monitor.  Some visitors may not be accustomed to having a pool in the yard, and children in particular will probably be drawn to it.

Don’t let the excitement of the holiday season distract you from pool safety.  To protect your family and visitors to your home, consider the following tips:

  • Before guests arrive, make sure that your pool barrier is not rusted and is otherwise in good repair.  The gate and its self-closing and self-latching mechanisms must also be functioning properly.  If you have a door alarm between your home and pool area, test the alarm to ensure that it works.  If you are concerned about the integrity of your gate or fence, DCS Pool Barriers can help you determine if you need a repair or replacement.  Remember that a lack of proper barriers around pools is one of the main factors contributing to the risk of drowning.
  • Show guests how to open and securely close your gate, and ask them to do so each time they enter or exit the pool area.
  • Parties create a higher risk of incidents because adults are generally absorbed in conversation with one another and children are often left to roam free.  As the host, ensure that someone is designated to watch children at all times, even if you need to hire a babysitter to help at the event.
  • The holidays are a time for merrymaking with friends and family, but avoid swimming or using the hot tub if you and your guests have been enjoying some adult beverages.  Alcohol impairs judgment and can make you drowsy, increasing the risk that you may doze off in the water.
  • Drowning accidents are entirely preventable, but have a plan in place in the event that the worst happens.  Keep a life preserver near the pool, and have a fully charged phone, preferably a landline, nearby at all times in case you need to dial 911.

Holiday Pool Parties

At DCS Pool Barriers, we take pool safety seriously.  Our experts design, manufacture, and install barriers using only the highest quality products to ensure that your pool area is secure and compliant with state and local law.  Enjoy your yard safely this holiday season.  Call DCS Pool Barriers at 623-825-7700 for a free estimate.