Finish Out the Season with a Clang!

DCS Wrought Iron Pool Fence September is here once again, which means that pool season is slowly coming to a close.  Kids are back in school, and extracurricular activities are picking up.  With the busier schedules, we also know it won’t be long until the weather will start cooling off soon as fall approaches.  This means that less time will be spent playing in the swimming, as the water’s temperature drops to a place too cool to comfortably swim in with real enjoyment. However, one of the great things about Arizona is that the backyard will still be a perfect place to spend time throughout the year, even if the pool is not being used in the fall and winter.  This also means that pool safety and security should be on our minds year around – not just when pool season is at its peak during the summer.  Pets and small children need the year-around protection offered by proper pool barriers.

Before officially closing out pool season at your home, make sure that your pool gate and fence are up to code and functioning properly. It’s important to make sure all gates that lead to the pool area close properly by latching completely; when closed, a pool gate should stay closed without any doubt.  It is also important to ensure that the latch is out of reach of any child to prevent curious exploration of the pool area.  A pool fence and gates that are up to code, durable, and well-crafted is not only the law, they provide another layer of safety that could save a child’s or pet’s life.  The experts at DCS Pool Barriers are able to custom design and install a pool safety fence and gate on any terrain in order to provide your home with the security you need. Close out the pool season this year by making sure that your pool fence and gate are fully functioning by repairing problem areas or even by updating it entirely.  Call now to get a free estimate: 623-825-7700.