Community Pool Fencing ~ Repair or Replace

With the busiest part of swimming season at community pools coming to a close, it’s important to take stock of the equipment and catch up on maintenance.  Community pools are often exposed to more elements and environmental impacts than backyard pools, which can lead to problems like wear and rust that likely leave the pool barrier not up to code.

Scottsdale East Homes Community Pool Fencing

Recently, the pool at Scottsdale East Homes was in need of  a new community pool fence, and DCS Pool Barriers replaced four large wrought iron pool fences that had rusted out at the apartment complex.  Being located next to a field like the pool at this complex or just the intensified use that comes with serving more people for longer periods of time can chip away at the integrity of the fencing, often resulting in the metal becoming rusted through and in danger of breaking or, in the case of gates, failing to open or close properly.

Community Pool Fencing by DCS Pool Barriers

In order to keep the community pool fence working and looking good for years to come, the Scottsdale East Homes HOA management chose to use galvanization to ensure that the pool fence lasts.  Galvanization is a process that seals on a layer of zinc to the wrought iron, which prevents rusting, and DCS Pool Barriers offers a twenty-year warranty on all of their galvanized wrought iron products.

New Community Pool Fencing for Scottsdale East Homes by DCS Pool Barriers

Make sure that your community pool is not only up to code, but also well protected for years to come.  DCS Pool Barriers own each part of the manufacturing process, which means that their trained experts are handling the project from start to finish.  This results in a high quality, custom product that will last for decades and work with the community property perfectly.  Call for a free estimate for a custom wrought iron community pool fence: 623-825-7700.