Summer Holidays – Regulations Don’t Take Time Off

DCS Wrought Iron Pool Gate

Summer holidays are in full swing by the time June rolls around, and for lots of families in Arizona this means spending afternoons and weekends in the water to escape the blistering temperatures. With the added activity around the pool during summer break it’s important to revisit the codes put in place to keep everyone safer around the water and make sure that the pools you and your family uses on a regular basis are meeting the standards.  The majority of these requirements are about pool enclosures – fences and gates – because they are often first and best line of defense for pool safety.

There are general codes put forward by the Arizona Department of Health Services that are very straightforward.  The pool must be entirely enclosed by a fence that is at least five feet high with no openings other than the gates.  The regulations also say that the gaps cannot be more that four inches wide, and the fence must be placed at least twenty inches back from the pool’s edge.  There are of course finer details in the code that based on the age of children in the household, the area where the home is located, and a few other DCS Wrought Iron Pool Fencingvariables that can alter the requirements for a pool fence.   This is one of the reasons why talking to experts in the business of pool barrier manufacturing is a good idea.  They are well versed not only in the dimensional requirements, but also the material and design elements of pool fences and gates as well.

Wrought iron fencing is one of the main materials used in a pool fence that meets the codes set out by the Arizona government. Wrought iron fencing is durable, resistant to rust, and customizable to suit your home. Custom wrought iron fencing also ensures that the distance between the bars, the construction of the gate, and the mechanics of your pool barrier are all up to legal standards, which leaves you free to enjoy your home’s swimming pool with less worry. While other elements like removable pool nets are excellent secondary barriers, wrought iron fences are the safest and most resilient option for the primary pool barrier.  If you think that your pool could benefit from an update or just want to ensure that your pool barrier is up to standards, then call the experts at DCS Pool Barriers for a free estimate 623.825.7700.  With over a decade of experience in building customizable pool fencing, DCS Pool Barriers can provide you with the best knowledge and product.