Look Great and Be Safe

DCS Commercial Pool Fence

When it comes to pool safety, there are clear guidelines set out by the state that residential and commercial property owners need to follow in order to ensure that family and residents are not put at undue risk.  However, these regulations only cover the basic structural requirements and leave open possibilities for what the safety fence can look like.  If you’re thinking about installing or replacing a pool fence on your property, take a moment to consider the aesthetic potential of a custom wrought iron fence like the ones manufactured by DCS Pool Barriers.

DCS Pool Barriers designs and manufactures customized wrought iron perimeter fencing to match your aesthetic and design needs.  With multiple color options, your pool fence can blend or stand out with the existing landscape as much as you like.  Choose softer beige or bold black depending on the statement you want to make and what appeals to you – either can be molded to physically fit your property while meeting all of the safety standards set out by law.  In addition to color choices,Wrought Iron Pool GateDCS Pool Barriers also does custom curving and arch designs to add elegance and shape to your fence that you won’t get with other companies.  Choose a simple perimeter fence with a minimalist gate, or you can add a gate design and details along the top of the fence – it all depends on what you want for your property!  You don’t need to sacrifice design or quality when it comes to pool fencing when you choose DCS Pool Barriers.

DCS Pool Barriers own the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, which allows for intensive quality control and savings that are passed on to their customers. The process begins with premium grade steel and ends with an installation expert that can handle any landscape terrain.  If you’re thinking about replacing your pool fence in the future, call DCS Pool Barriers for a free estimate at 623-825-7700.  Don’t sacrifice design and appeal in favor of safety when you don’t have to!  SAFETY NEVER LOOKED THIS GOOD!