May is National Water Safety Month!

DCS Pool BarriersEvery year sponsors from health, industry, and government come together to put on the National Water Safety Month in May.  The month is meant to celebrate the popularity of swimming and other favorite water sports as the weather warms up and summer starts, but its priority is to raise awareness for the need for public education in the United States regarding water safety.  DCS Pool Barriers wants to encourage families, recreational facilities, and commercial properties to place more emphasis on safety around the pool in the lead up to the swimming season.

While sparkling blue water without a floating leaf to be seen and perfect pH balance are definitely important goals for a safe and happy swimming season, they do little to protect the health and well being of people around the pool. In the United States, roughly ten people die every day from unintentional drowning, a tragic statistical reality that is absolutely preventable in many cases. For that reason, as well as to promote general safe and fun aquatic activity across the entire pool and water recreation industries, the month of May has now been designated as National Water Safety Month for the public and all pool professionals.  Here are some easy ways to increase safety around water, but be sure to look up the National Water Safety Month’s website to learn more:

  1. Stay close and be aware of children around the pool: This requires more than looking out the window occasionally to do a head count.  Never leave a child unattended around the water, and do your best to make sure that the child knows basic water safety.  Pools and spas are not the only kinds of water that require your attention.  Smaller collections of water like pipes, bathtubs, and other openings also require supervision for small children.
  2. Learn and practice water safety skills: Water safety can be something as obvious as learning how to swim and teaching your children how to swim, or something as big as learning how to effectively perform CPR.  Understanding these basics can assist you in the case of a water-related emergency and could save a life.
  3. Make sure that your pools and spas are appropriately equipped: Many states have laws that discuss what kind of equipment a pool or spa needs to have in order to comply with policy.  This most often involves outlines for covers, fences, and gates that will reduce the risk of an accidental drowning by keeping children and pets away from the pool area when it is not in use, when an adult is not able to watch them.DCS Wrought Iron Pool Gate (12)

DCS Pool Barriers encourages all homes, recreational facilities, and commercial properties to keep these tips in mind to create a safer environment for anyone using the pool or spa area.  However, it is on the third point the expertise of DCS Pool Barriers will truly come to help those families and commercial property owners in the Phoenix area.  With over a decade of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing custom wrought iron pool fences and gates, DCS Pool Barriers knows the ins and outs of Arizona law regarding pool barriers.  They guarantee using only the highest quality material that will meet every standard set out by law, so property owners can rest easy knowing they are getting the absolute best!

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