‘Tis the Season – Pool Season

DCS Pool Barriers Wrought Iron Pool FenceThe temperature is slowly creeping up higher and higher as we get closer to the end of the month, and as Arizona residents we all know what that means.  Pool season is just around the corner! It’s fun and time in the sun, but it also means that it’s time to think about pool safety.  Making sure that gates and fencing are up to code should be a priority for any residential homeowner with a backyard pool.  So before you get too concerned with the pH balances and replacing pool toys, make sure that your pool barrier equipment meets Arizona’s legal standards and functions properly.

Arizona regulations outline when a residential property is required to have a fence installed, and it even talks about finer details, such as spaces between bars and the height of the gate latch.  If you are a homeowner with children under the age of ten and need to install some pool fencing, then call DCS Pool Barriers.  The experts at DCS know the state codes inside and out, and we have been manufacturing and installing custom pool fencing in the valley for over a decade.  Using only the highest quality materials, DCS welds all swimming pool fencing, gates, and custom iron works utilizing pre-fabricated jigs to ensure quality is maintained throughout.  The finished product is then brought to your home and installed by trained professionals DCS Pool Barriers Wrought Iron Pool Fencing and Gateswho can handle any terrain because we believe the installation process should not require a complete redesign of your backyard.  In fact, one of the best things about custom pool fencing is that it is meant to compliment your existing home design rather than dominate it. If you need to get your pool barrier up to code and functioning properly before the busy summer months hit, call us for a free estimate at 623-825-7700.