Community Fencing as Community Responsibility

Community Pool FencingThere’s a lot of discussion about home pools when it comes to water safety, but community pools are not exempt from the regulations set by Arizona law.  In fact, with more people, higher traffic, and greater levels of activity, pool safety is perhaps of greater importance for these pools.  Fencing and gates are no exception.  They need to be up to code, durable, functional, and fit the space around the pool as best they can to keep it welcoming and in step with the rest of the buildings.  At DCS Pool Barriers we proudly serve the needs of community pool users, with the knowledge of codes, guidelines, and requirements, and works with property managers and HOAs in order to facilitate proper design and installation.

Community pools with their larger crowds and higher activity need to take pool safety very seriously. DCS Pool Barriers manufactures and installs commercial gates and fences that meet the pool barrier safety requirements.  Gates and gate latches are designed to restrict the access to the pool, and fences are built to proper dimensions while still keeping the commercial property design elements in line for aesthetic value.  This makes it easier to enforce usage hours, keep unaccompanied children out of the area, and of course keep it restricted to the community itself. With our galvanization process offered as part of a 20 year warranty, these custom manufactured and installed fences and gates will continue to serve the community for years to come.  Call DCS today for a free estimate:  623.825.7700.