Apartments and HOA Pool Fencing Replacement

Pools shared by a community can be wonderful, but for the complex owners and Home Owners Associations who are responsible for keeping Commercial Fencingthem a safe space, there are many more considerations beyond making sure “no diving” and “no glass container” signs are posted.  At the top of this priority list should be meeting pool safety standards set out by the state, the most important of which is functional and high quality pool fencing.  Replacing an older fence can improve security and safety for the members of your commercial property or HOA community, and DCS Pool Barriers has the expertise and quality products to make it happen.

Commercial properties like apartments and HOA communities with pools face challenges when it comes to safety that private properties do not often consider.  Higher traffic, wider age ranges, and the needs of many families all play a part when it comes to planning for pool safety.  This often means a wider perimeter for the fence to cover, more than one entry point to manage and maintain, as well as needing sturdier material to withstand the community’s use of the pool area.  DCS Pool Barriers, LLC understands these needs and works with Community Pool Fencingthe commercial property manager or homeowners associations to facilitate the design, manufacturing and installation of the highest quality pool fences that meet all state regulations and individual location needs. DCS manufactures and installs commercial gates and fences that meet the pool barrier safety requirements with gates and latches specifically designed to restrict access to the pool.  Fences are built to proper dimensions while still keeping the commercial property design elements for aesthetic value, which is of great importance for commercial properties and HOA communities.  Get pool fencing replaced with DCS Pool Barrier’s wrought iron pool safety fences before the summer starts, and call DCS Pool Barriers for a free estimate: 623-825-7700.