Decorate for the Holidays but Safety First and Foremost!

Merry Christmas - Wrought Iron FencingThe holiday season means parties and guests and more traffic around your house and backyard.  One of the beautiful things about living in Arizona is the extended use of outdoor space, so even in December afternoons and evenings can very easily be spent in your backyard with family members and friends who are visiting for the holidays.  However, this means that if you have a pool in your backyard, you must be extra attentive to your pool fences.  These barriers are meant to protect both children and pets from accidental drowning, which is a leading cause of death for young children in the country.  Making sure your pool fences have been repaired or replaced in order to meet standards is not something that should be overlooked.

At DCS Pool Barriers, our licensed and bonded experts will be able to repair areas of fencing that have become a little rusted or need some updating, which will save you a good deal of money in comparison to fully replacing the structure.  Using the best tools available, DCS Pool Barriers will refinish fences that need repairs to update the look and the safety capabilities of the fence by using filing, replacing pieces, and electrostatic painting methods.  This method of re-coating provides the best coverage with lower energy and waste than other techniques in the industry.  However, if a pool fence has become too damaged, a replacement might be required in order to meet state legal codes of safety.  At DCS Pool Barriers we can help with this too – we design, manufacture and install custom wrought iron fencing that can be tailored to match any backyard to aesthetic preferences of homeowners. This results in a top quality pool fences that flows with the existing house and yard design.   Before the holidays really get underway, have your pool safety fence assessed by the experts at DCS Pool Barriers. Call for a free estimate: 623-825-7700.