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DCS Pool Barriers -  Wrought Iron Pool Fence

In Arizona, many properties – both commercial and residential – feature pools for people who live there to enjoy during the long stretches of warm months that are characteristic of Arizona.  However, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to make sure that these pools are up to state code when it comes to safety.  Arizona has several laws that must be met in an effort to reduce the risk of water related accidents.  Pool safety is everyone’s responsibility, so what can you do to make sure that your pool is up to code? The first and most important step is to check that your pool fence is meeting the standard.

Wrought iron fencing is one of the only kinds of pool safety fencing that will meet all of the state regulations for both residential and commercial properties.  Arizona outlines height requirements, a maximum space between the bars, and guidelines for gate latches that many other fencing types find it difficult to meet, but wrought iron will meet these requirements and stay in good condition throughout the years.  This means that property owners do not need to be constantly worrying about updating the materials on a yearly basis.  With wrought iron fencing, not only are codes met, but the needs of the individual owner are as well.  If you need a fence to be a specific, perhaps slightly odd, shape – DCS Pool Barriers is able to custom fit fences to preexisting property landscapes without compromising on the quality of the fence itself, which means there is no trade off Commercial Pool Fence - Arizona Biltmorebetween safety and aesthetics.   The experts at DCS Pool Barriers are well versed in what the state of Arizona requires from pool fences – nothing is left to guesswork! You can rest easy knowing that you are in the hands of highly capable and well-trained craftsmen who will leave you with a product of the highest quality that has been fully installed.  If you’re a homeowner, land lord, or even hotel manager, call DCS Pool Barriers for a free estimate on making sure your pool enclosure is up to code! 623.825.7700