Your Pool and Pet Protection


At DCS Pool Barriers, we spend a lot of time emphasizing the importance of keeping children safe around the pool by meeting Arizona Pool Fencing for Petslaw and installing a high quality pool fence in your home.  However, it’s not just children who need to be protected when it comes to your backyard pool.  Homeowners with pets also have safety concerns when it comes to their pet being around the pool.  Some pet owners may choose to trust their pet’s ability to find the stairs and swim to safety, but others may not want to take that chance.  What are the options available for those of us who want to make sure that our pets are well protected?

The most obvious answer to this question is the same answer for young children.  Installing a pool fence with a latching gate is an excellent way of making sure that your pet does not make its way into the pool area when you are not there to watch.  However, many pets are much smaller than the average human child, which is who most pool fences are built for.  What about the safety of smaller dogs who might be able to slip through the gaps between the pickets? The experts at DCS Pool Barriers have thought of this, and we came up with an answer.  Because we  own each step of the manufacturing process for our pool fences, we are able to make the spaces between the pickets smaller in order to prevent smaller animals from slipping through the gaps and getting themselves in trouble. Just let us know the size of your dog or pet.

Pool Fences for PetsIf you don’t have a pool, DCS Pool Barriers can still help make your backyard a more functioning place by installing a dog run.  A dog run makes sure that your dog won’t track in dirt or sand by sectioning off a piece of the yard just for their use.  It can also make sure that the dog doesn’t get tangled up with children playing outside as well.

DCS Pool Barriers is able to customize gates and fences to suit your practical as well as aesthetic needs, without putting the health and safety of your pet on the line.  Call today for a free estimate on a new pool fence and gate: 623-825-7700!