DCS Pool Barriers ~ Hotels Work Too


Arizona Biltmore Hotels are among the many commercial properties served by DCS Pool Barriers. Hotel fencing presents some specific challenges for pool safety.  The pools at hotels often experience higher traffic with a wider variety of guests than a residential pool will see during its season.  In fact, for many hotels in Arizona, with heating, pool season can last year round.  On top of these safety consideration, hotels often have specific aesthetic and architectural needs that must be negotiated: landscapes that already exist, color schemes that need to be matched, etc.  DCS Pool Barriers’ expertise guarantees that the size of the project or the strictness of the codes will never intimidate and expectations will always be met.

DCS Pool Barriers has the experience and the production process to meet all of these needs presented by hotels.  DCS Pool Barriers is incredibly familiar with the pool codes and safety regulations required by the state of Arizona for commercial properties, and the entire production process is overseen by their business.  This means that they have control over the manufacturing from start to finish, which produces a high quality product that will also be installed by the experts at the company.  Notable, DCS Pool Barriers has done the fencing for the pools at the Arizona Biltmore Resort, meeting safety standards as well as quality expectations presented by this historic property.  Call for an estimate: 623-825-7700.