Open Up to Warmer Weather


Winter is long over, and spring is warming into summer.  May brings the end of school and the start of holidays, which means hours of free time spent outside.  One of the great perks of living in Arizona is the opportunity to minimize the distance between the indoors and outdoors.  For many homes and homeowners this is often realized with the use of sliding glass doors leading to the back yard and patio.  However, a sliding glass door needs to be well maintained in order to perform its double duty of safety barrier between the outdoor and indoor areas, yet retain it’s functionality so you can enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather.Sliding Glass Patio Door

If your sliding glass door has become difficult to open and close during the fall and winter months, then get it repaired before you consider replacing it.  Just like any other piece of home equipment, sliding glass doors need a little attention and maintenance to keep them working smoothly, and a repair is much less expensive than a replacement.  Over time, dust, pet hair, and other debris can get stuck in the track and roller, making a sliding glass door almost impossible to open.  Time and use on their own can wear down and rust a sliding glass door roller as well.  Fortunately, DCS Pool Barriers specializes in sliding glass door repair and roller replacement, fixing these problems in a painless way for you.  One of our repair experts simply comes to your home and repairs the door on site.

We leave your sliding glass door in better shape than when you called us in more ways than one.  The track can be repaired, and the roller will be replaced with a heavy-duty double roller instead of just another one that will wear down in a short time again.  This tandem roller allows your sliding glass door to glide open with ease and more safely.  Don’t worry if your door is not constructed with a double roller, in most cases it can be modified to work with the improved one.  Before summer gets into full swing, get your sliding glass door repaired so you can make the most of the season! Call now – 623.825.7700!