The Best Offence is a Good Fence

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Pool fencing is not just a good idea – law in the state of Arizona requires it in many cases.  However, this doesn’t mean just any fence will do; Arizona law has requirements for that too.  From the height to the width between the fence’s bars, all of these must meet the standards set out by the health and safety department.  But following the law does not mean you need to sacrifice your own standards or the aesthetic of your home or your tastes.

DCS Pool Barriers provides more than expertise on meeting codes; we also provide customizable options for homeowners.  The wrought iron fences, gates, and hinges used in our products are of the highest quality – one of the benefits of owning the entire production process.  DCS Pool Barriers has colors, finishes, and shapes for homeowners to choose from because pools and backyards are never a “one size fits all” situation.  The pool fence should fit into the existing design of the backyard in the smoothest way possible, and the options provided by DCS Pool Barriers is an attempt to give homeowners the chance to design their pool fence rather than simply install one.

The fences produced by DCS Pool Barriers are of the highest quality and meet every safety standard set out by law.  The installation experts will ensure that every single hinge and pin functions the way it should before leaving the site so homeowners can enjoy their yard and new up-to-code pool in peace.  DCS provides pool fences to the greater Phoenix area.  Call now for a free estimate: 623-825-7700.