Safety is for All Ages


DCS Pool BarriersAs part of the “Sunbelt” – the southern portion of the United States that is characterized by long summers and mild winters – Arizona families face certain safety concerns.  It is likely that a home has a pool in the backyard, a place to escape the blistering summer heat.  However, a pool comes with a group of safety issues that need to be addressed and kept in mind in order to prevent injury or accidental drowning.   For the most part, these risks can be managed by the following guidelines: safety codes, adult supervision, public awareness programs including water safety training for young children, and not drinking alcohol while swimming.


In Arizona, accidental drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children under five years old.  Many of these deaths are preventable with proper pool enclosures and the use of adult supervision.  Arizona has a set of laws for homes with young children that also have pools in their backyard.  Use these guidelines to make sure that you are obeying the law and providing the best possible protection for young children.  However, the importance of adult supervision, even if the pool enclosure is up to code, cannot be stressed enough.  Knowing where the child is at all times and keeping them in eyesight makes the likelihood of an accidental drowning occurring much lower.


However, it is not just children who are at risk.  Adults can put themselves into risky situations as well.  Drinking out by the pool sounds wonderful and relaxing during the hot summer days; however, the heat and the lack of hydration can increase the chances of an accidental drowning even in the strongest adult swimmers.


Pool safety in Arizona is never to be taken lightly; ensure your swimming pool is up to code on all required pool barriers according to your city’s local codes.  Having a pool in the Sunbelt is common, and it should be enjoyed to the fullest.  It is still important to do take the necessary measures to ensure it is a safe place that can be enjoyed.


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