Multiple Options for Pool Safety

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The pool may be currently out of commission with cooler weather meaning cold water, but it still poses a safety concern regardless of the temperature.  The pool does not simply disappear during the winter because we do not use it on the weekends.  This means that the rules of safety that parents tend to observe vigilantly during the summer still apply in the winter – even if they may be implemented a little differently.  Having more than one safety mechanism in place means there are fewer opportunities for something to happen without a parent’s knowledge.


The first part of pool safety is always supervision, regardless of whether it is January or June.  Knowing where a child is at all times while they are outside is the best way to keep them safe.  Just because they aren’t in their swimsuits does not mean that they can’t get wet.  Making sure your back doors are locked and closed is one way to make sure that your child doesn’t scamper outside without your knowledge.  If they do want to spend time outdoors, then go with them or watch from a window with a clear view.


The second part of pool safety is a physical barrier between the child and the pool.  This physical barrier is required by law in Arizona for all homes with a pool and one or more children under the age of six.   A pool fence, with a self-closing and self-latching gate, is the easiest solution that meets all of the code requirements, and the experts at DCS Pool Barriers have the tools and the know-how to construct a high quality pool fence and gate that fits with your existing pool and backyard.  They also have the knowledge to make sure that you’re choosing the right barrier for your child’s safety.  Call today for a free estimate! 623.825.7700