Fence Repair and Refinish


One of the great things about Arizona is that you can spend time outside virtually year around, but that means that Pool Fence and Gate Repairpool safety is typically a year-long concern as well. As pool season comes to a decisive end, it’s important that you make sure your pool fences and gates are in working order. Having a pool fence or gate that’s in disrepair can be a danger just as much as not having one can be. Rusting fences can be expensive to replace, as can gates. Instead, look to repair or refinish these pieces.

With the right company, repairing rusted posts is simple enough. Most companies will be able to replace rusting posts or pickets, but DCS Pool Barriers is using the latest technology to repair and refinish wrought iron fences. Electrostatic painting is the premiere method for repainting fences with the most efficiency. The process is less wasteful – reducing the amount of overspray and improve the wrap around coating with the electrically charged paint. However, it is also efficient in that it lasts for much longer than other painting techniques. For structures like fences that are constantly exposed to the elements, it’s important that the repair and refinish will hold up for years after.

If your pool gate is in need of a fix – the hinges are rusting, it hangs crookedly, or doesn’t close properly – DCS Pool Barriers does gate repair as well. Over time sun, weather, and use can cause problems with a gate’s functionality. Instead of replacing, repair latches and hinges. It’s more cost effective and has similar results. Get your pool fence and gate ready for the off-season! Call DCS Pool Barrier for a free estimate on pool fence and gate repair and refinishing: 623-825-7700