DCS Pool Barriers – Roller Replacement for Sliding Doors


The mechanism that gives sliding doors their smooth glide is referred to as the roller. The roller is a small wheel located at the bottom of the door, on the end towards the handle. It rotates within the door itself, and this motion is what allows you to open your door easily rather than shoving it back with all of your strength. Like all home appliances and mechanics, sometimes wear and tear can mean that the roller needs replacing. Whether due to a build up of dust, pet hair, dirt, or something else like a worn down track, many issues with sticking sliding doors can be fixed by replacing the roller.

Fortunately, needing a new roller for a sliding glass door does not mean that the entire door must be replaced. DCS Pool Barriers, LLC, not only replaces the roller, but will improve the functioning of the door overall by replacing it with a heavy duty, double roller. The tandem roller makes your sliding door glide open much easier and more safely. If your sliding door has a single roller, in most cases we will modify it to use the industrial tandem roller. DCS Pool Barriers also replaces tracks for sliding doors if it has become worn out and difficult to use. Don’t spent hundreds of dollars replacing your door when a new roller or track will improve its functionality by leaps and bounds. Call DCS Pool Barriers at 623-825-0077 for a free estimate!