DCS Pool Barriers – Pool Fencing that Meets Codes

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In Arizona, many houses come equipped with pools, but that doesn’t mean that the houses and pools meet Arizona’s legal codes. Swimming safety and pool regulations are taken seriously in a state where there is the heightened risk of water related accidents. Make sure that your pool is meeting safety regulations when it comes to barriers.

Wrought iron fencing is one of the only materials used in a pool fence that meets the codes set out by the Arizona government. Wrought iron fencing is durable, resistant to rust, and customizable to suit your home. Custom wrought iron fencing also ensures that the distance between the bars, the construction of the gate, and the mechanics of your pool barrier are all up to legal standards, which leaves you free to enjoy your home’s swimming pool with less worry. While other elements like removable pool nets are excellent secondary barriers, wrought iron fences are the safest and most resilient option for the primary pool barrier.

DCS Pool Barriers manufactures and molds all of the wrought iron used in their products themselves, guaranteeing quality. DCS Pool Barriers also offers homeowners a warranty for up to twenty years. If you want to make sure that your pool is safe and up to standard, choosing a local company that knows the codes inside and out and manages all of their own welding is an excellent place to start. For free estimate for all your swimming pool fencing needs call: 623.825.7700.