DCS Pool Barriers – Avoid Common Problems with Pool Barriers


DCS Wrought Iron Pool BarrierHaving a proper pool barrier in place is more than just a smart decision in Arizona – it’s the law. Arizona law requires homes to have pool barriers around the pool if there are children under the age of six. It seems easy enough, but there are common problems that can be avoided with a little bit of extra planning.

First, it is important that the dimensions of your barrier follow the guidelines set down by the state. The barrier must be at least five feet high, and it must be at least twenty inches from the water’s edge. Second, the mechanics of the pool barrier’s gate must also be in compliance with the law. The latch must open outwards, away from the pool, and it must be self-closing and self-latching. For more information on Arizona’s pool safety regulations, visit the government web page that outlines the regulations homes must follow in order to be in compliance with the law.

The experts at DCS Pool Barriers already know each and every one of these regulations, and they ensure that the pool barriers and pool safety products they manufacture and install in any home meet every standard set out by the government. These rules are there to protect children and other valuable family members, and DCS Pool Barriers is dedicated to making sure that their work does the very most to keep them safe.

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