Leave Pool Fencing to the Pros

DCS Pool Barriers -  Wrought Iron Pool Fence

DCS Pool Barriers – Wrought Iron Pool Fence

The DIY spirit is going strong these days, and many homeowners feel like they can take on a backyard makeover themselves. However, when there is a pool involved, it pays to use professionals. There are specific laws and codes related to pool safety, and this is something many homeowners aren’t familiar with. Fencing professionals have access to all of the local requirements for pool safety and can ensure that your property meets code. Even more importantly – you’ll know that your pool area is safe!

Fencing professionals have experience that often saves homeowners from making costly mistakes. They can advise you on placement and recommended height, as well as achieving the look and feel you want with certain styles and colors of fencing. They are knowledgeable about gate placement, taking into account both safety and convenience. The pros can also recommend additional safety measures that homeowners may not be aware of, such as automatic door closers and safety latches for doors that open onto the pool area.

It’s important for homeowners to be educated about pool safety and what their options are when it comes to pool fences. Professionally installed swimming pool fencing is built to last. It’s worth a call to the pool fencing pros to learn more about what your options are for installing fencing that meets your backyard needs.

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