Barrier Does Not Always Mean Fence

DCS Pool Barriers Custom Wrought Iron Pool Fencing

DCS Pool Barriers Custom Wrought Iron Pool Fencing

When people think about pool fences and gates, the mental image that most frequently comes to mind is that of a great, big metal fence that encircles the entire pool. Also, this metal fence is typically ugly and gray; it doesn’t flow with the design of the backyard at all. However, even if this is the default for pool fences, it is not the pool barrier you have to have for your home.

Pool enclosures come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it is entirely possible for you to find one that matches the aesthetics your backyard already has. First, the fence does not need to be made out of plain gray steel. Using wrought iron fencing will open up a variety of options in terms of shape and coloring. Rather than plain metal, you can choose from blacks, beiges, rusts, and many other colors that blend and flow with yards in Arizona.

Also, the enclosure doesn’t need to be around the entire pool. The entire pool must be closed off, but there are more creative ways of accomplishing this than simple encircling it with a fence. Perhaps, it would be easier and more appealing to add a fence around the porch or the patio area, especially if the majority of your backyard is dedicated to the pool. Or, if you have a pool and an area of grass, running a fence between the two sections will also do the trick! Don’t think that a pool barrier to protect your children equates to setting up something like the Great Wall of China in your backyard. There are a multitude of options available to homeowners in terms of design and layout.

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