DCS Pool Barriers ~ Pool Fencing Repair Leaves Your Pool Fence Looking Like New

Before: Wrought Iron Fencing In Need of Repair

Before: Wrought Iron Fencing In Need of Repair

After: Wrought Iron Fence - Repaired!

After: Wrought Iron Fence – Repaired!

Even in Arizona, winter conditions can be tough on your property. This year even included snow and hail! If you’re looking at a tired, rusted fence and are considering replacing it, we may be able to save you some money with our expert wrought iron fence and gate repair. At DCS Pool Barriers we are experts in wrought iron fence repair, and can evaluate the state of your pool fencing, gates, railings and even your wrought iron furniture. If you are dealing with rust, bent pickets, sagging gates, non-functioning latches or fading color, you may not need to replace your fencing or gates.

Here’s how it works: We first sand or grind any rusted areas, using a rust neutralizer where needed. We prime or spot prime with an epoxy rust inhibiting primer and then apply the highest quality paints designed specifically for metal. Our electrostatic applicator creates a uniform finish that blends and covers perfectly. As an alternative, we can also take down the existing fencing or gates and have them sandblasted and re-powder coated.

Gate repair is another area where we save homeowners money and ensure that your property is up to code in areas where specific gate hinges or latches are required. Our expert technicians can re-align and refinish your gates, as well as providing top-quality hardware replacement.

If you are considering replacing your fencing or gates this year, give us a call and we’ll come out and evaluate the situation. You may benefit from saving your existing fencing and gates with our expert repair. 623.825.7700