DCS Pool Barriers ~ Pool Safety Requirements for Foster Homes

DCS Safety Mesh Pool FenceBeing foster homes are incredibly important – they provide a safe space for a child while they are cared for. And that’s the key, safety. Foster homes are held to certain safety standards that can specific implications for pool owners in Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding areas. All foster homes with pools must comply with the Department of Health Services Regulations found on their page: Pool Rules. All homes must abide by specific pool enclosure requirements as well as adhering to gate regulations. Also, all foster parents must be CPR certified if they own a pool.

Following these steps is more important than just jumping through hoops in order to please a government bureaucrat and get approved. Pool safety is everyone’s concern. Even if you’re not applying to become a foster parent, if you own a pool these are all safety issues that should be on your mind. But if you want another child to be entrusted to your care, their safety is of utmost importance. Getting a pool fence and gate are small prices to pay for the peace of mind and assurance that comes with knowing you have done what is needed to ensure that your home is a safe space for a young child.

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