DCS Pool Barriers ~ The Double Duty of the Sliding Glass Door

DCS Pool Barriers - Sliding Glass DoorDuring the winter months, doors in Arizona are often performing two different roles. First, they keep some things out of the house, like animals and cold weather. But they also perform a second function – they keep some things safe inside. During the end of the year, more often than not, the backyard pool that is used so frequently during the summer is given a break. Even in the desert, it gets too cold to go swimming. Make sure that small children and pets are kept safe and inside during these winter months by knowing that your sliding glass door or hinged door stays closed.

Ensuring that hinged and sliding doors remain closed is part of Arizona’s pool code, and there is a lot more to it than simply locking the door behind you. However, if you’re a homeowner, a parent, or a pet owner (perhaps you’re all three), then there are barely enough hours in the day to get done the things already on your to do list, let alone read through the entirety of Arizona’s pool code. That’s where we come in. At DCS Pool Barriers, we’ve been providing the necessary materials to keep properties legal for a decade. With a variety of hinged door closing options, and sliding glass door repair services, DCS Pool Barriers has everything available to make sure that your doors are doing what they’re supposed to during the winter months.

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