Winterizing your pool in Arizona

Summer has come to an end, and our pools’ most active season is winding down.  In Arizona it’s generally not necessary to winterize your pool, but it’s a great time to do some routine pool care and a follow up on your pool safety measures.

This is the time of year to test your pool water, making sure you are maintaining balanced water. You’ll want to check the pH and alkalinity, calcium and sanitizer level.  Chlorine will be more effective in balanced water.  Brush and vacuum your pool, making sure to remove all buildup and debris.  You may need to shock your pool to prevent algae growth in the off season.  Finally, backwash and clean the filter to eliminate any dirt that might be clogging the filter.

If your pool isn’t being used throughout the winter, you may choose to cover it, but you should be aware that pool covers can be a danger to children and pets.  What looks like a solid, stable surface can in fact trap a child or pet under the cover or under water.

Ensure that your gate latches are functioning properly, that any pool nets or removable fencing are securely in place.  If you find that your gates or fencing need service, just give us a call.  This is also a good time to check your alarms and door closers, if you have them, to ensure that everything is working properly.  You may want to consider adding another layer of pool safety at this time, because it is a well-known fact that it only takes a moment for an unsupervised child to find their way to a pool.

Enjoy your fall, and take a few moments to care for your pool and make sure your family stays safe throughout the winter.