Homeowners have a Number of Choices when Securing their Pool Areas

Homeowners have a number of choices when securing their pool areas, and should look for a pool barrier manufacturer that is familiar with local regulations and offers a wide range of products for swimming pool safety.  DCS Pool Barriers in Phoenix, AZ, provides a one-stop solution for homeowners’ pool barrier and fencing needs.  DCS is the only company in the Phoenix metro area that provides all of the barriers, including alarms, door closers, fences and nets.

Pool barrier code varies from city to city in the Phoenix metro area, so homeowners should familiarize themselves with their local ordinances.  There are a number of ways homeowners can protect their families and keep their pool areas safe.  The number one tool in drowning prevention is supervision.  A child can drown in the time it takes to answer an unexpected phone call or ring of the doorbell.  Keeping children with you inside the home is a great start, and fitting your doors with alarms and self-latching devices offers further protection.  You can prevent children from opening doors by themselves, and be warned with an alarm when a door is opened.

Once outside the home, galvanized steel pool fencing is an excellent option for keeping your pool area secure.  If you don’t have children in your home, but perhaps have visiting family or grandchildren, removable mesh fencing is an option.  This fencing can be removed, rolled up and put away when children are not in the home.  Inside the pool area, another option for pool safety is a pool safety net.  These high-quality nets stretch across the surface of the pool, so small that children cannot reach the water.  The downside to pool nets is that the homeowner must be vigilant about replacing the net after swimming, so that the pool is never left uncovered.  The temporary options of removable fencing and pool nets do not meet pool barrier code in the Phoenix metro area, but are excellent options when used in conjunction with other pool safety products.

Creating a safe environment for family fun doesn’t have to be difficult.  Armed with knowledge of the variety of pool barrier safety products available, homeowners can enhance their properties and prevent needless tragedies.