Winter Pool Safety in Arizona

When summer rolls around pool safety is on everyone’s mind.  But at this time of year, when kids are back in school and temperatures cool down, most parents and homeowners aren’t thinking much about the pool.  It’s important to remember that even though you’re not actively using the pool, it still poses a danger to youngsters.

This is a good time of year to put away pool accessories that may have accumulated in the pool area (rafts, chairs, balls, noodles) to improve safety and visibility around the pool.  Ensure that pool fencing isn’t damaged or deteriorated and that all latches and locks are working properly.

Winter is actually a great time to enhance your pool safety measures, since there is probably less supervision when swimming and pool time are not the main family activity.  Consider an easy installation of safety latches to ensure that children or pets aren’t entering the pool area while the rest of the family is indoors.  You may want to also use door alarms for an added level of protection year-round.

Using a pool safety net to add to your layers of pool safety during the winter is a great idea.  You can keep the net in place throughout the winter while the pool isn’t in use, minimizing accidental falls into the pool.

A few simple safety checks and added pool safety devices can create a well-protected home and pool area for your family to enjoy year-round.