The Laws of Swimming Pool Safety

How many of us think about the laws of other countries when it comes to swimming pool safety regulations? Though it’s probably not the first thing that comes to mind, many countries worldwide have enacted laws to help prevent drownings and injuries in and around pools. For example, Australia has a nationwide law enforcing pool protection; one of its states, Queensland, has recently enacted a regulation that requires a pool safety certificate be obtained by anyone who is buying or leasing property with a pool. Likewise, France requires all swimming pools, public and residential, to contain some sort of safeguard, including pool safety nets and pool fencing. Anyone found not in compliance with this legislation can be fined anywhere from €45,000 to €225,000 ($64,000 to $320,000).

Surprisingly, though pools can be found all across our nation, the United States has only a few states that require pool safeguards, some of which are Florida, California, and of course, Arizona. But despite these regulations, drownings still do occur. The Arizona Department of Health Services found that in 2009 there were 99 cases of unintentional drownings. Here at DCS Pool Barriers, we know how many dangers surround pools and we are committed to preventing as many pool accidents as possible with our wide range of quality pool safety products. Our pool safety nets are an excellent option for those owners who do not want fencing to take away from the backyard space; if pool fencing is your preference, we offer a variety of colors to choose from so you can make sure your backyard looks the way you want it to. Both pool safety nets and pool fencing come with the peace of mind that your pool is protected, but we still encourage parents and owners to be alert to all happenings that occur in and around the pools to ensure no harm falls to anyone. Call or email us for your free estimate; one step at a time, pool owners in Arizona, other states, and other countries can make a difference in preventing pool accidents.