Installing a Pool Safety Net and “Winterizing” Your Pool

As the swimming season comes to an end and the pool toys and floaties are put away, it is time to winterize your pool. You need to balance the alkalinity, the pH and the calcium hardness of the pool water. The skimmer baskets, solar blankets and wall fittings need to be cleaned. The cleaners and chemicals need to be stored in a safe place. The pool should be cleaned and shocked before adding winter algaecide (if necessary).

Well that was a bit of a chore! You’ve taken care of the pool and water, but you are not finished. What about the safety net that should be on your pool? A mesh safety net provides protection for your family, while maintaining the beauty and ambiance of your back yard. Safety nets take up less space and provide a flexible, secure barrier that prevents children and animals from entering the pool water unseen or unheard during the “winter” months.

At DCS Pool Barriers, providing pool safety barriers is our business, but pool safety is everyone’s responsibility!