Some Pool and Water Safety Tips from the Towns of Gilbert and Chandler

Water safety tips from the town of Gilbert:

The following are tips on how to help prevent these accidents:

Prevent Drownings

-Never leave a child out of supervisory eye contact in or near a pool, not even for a second. There is absolutely no substitute for constant adult supervision. If you must leave the pool area, take your child with you.
Do not place objects (e.g. chairs or tables) near the pool or spa fence that could allow a youngster to climb over or fall in.
-Keep toys, particularly tricycles away from the pool. A child playing with these could accidentally fall into the water.
-Never leave children unattended around places where water can pose a threat.
5-gallon buckets
-Any area of open water

From the town of Chandler:

-Never leave a child unobserved around the pool.
-Designate a “water watcher,” someone who will maintain eye-to-eye supervision at all times.
-Install a pool fence with vertical bars less than four inches apart. Pools constructed after Aug. 7, 1993, also must have an interior barrier (at least five feet high) in additional to the exterior fencing requirements.
-Install self-closing, self-latching hardware on all doors leading into the pool area.
-Trim trees near the pool fence and keep furniture and toys away so children cannot use them to climb into the pool area.
-Keep toys and pets away from the pool to prevent falls and to avoid distractions that might draw children to the pool area without proper supervision.
-Keep basic lifesaving equipment near the pool.
-Install a phone by the pool or keep a cordless battery nearby.
-Every caregiver should know CPR!