Arizona Pool Safety Tips from DCS Pool Barriers – Pool Safety is Everyone's Responsibility!

Soon pools all across Arizona will be opened up for family fun after the cooler winter months. This is the perfect time to think about pool safety and the steps you can take to prevent pool-related accidents. On average, there are 90 drowning deaths in Arizona every year. Most drowning accidents can be prevented by establishing and following pool safety guidelines in your household.

The number one safety rule for families should be to establish rules about supervised pool use. Children should never be left unsupervised in or near the pool, and should be watched carefully by adults at all times. A child can drown in the time it takes to answer the phone or run to get the sunscreen.

Pools should have permanent, galvanized steel pool fencing. DCS Pool Barriers in Phoenix, AZ is a leading manufacturer and installer of high quality fencing which can be customized so that it is not only durable and meets local pool barrier code, but will blend with the style of the home and property. This type of pool safety barrier is built to last, and can enhance property values.

Gates on your pool fencing should close and latch automatically, and should never be left propped open. Patio furniture or other large objects should be far enough away from the fencing so that children cannot climb over the fence and gain access to the pool area.

Inside the pool area, the pool deck should be kept clear of furniture, toys or other objects that someone might trip over. Pool rescue equipment should be kept inside your pool fencing. This includes a rescue pole that is at least 10-12 feet long, and a ring buoy with a line. Everyone in the family should know how to use rescue equipment, and children should not be allowed to play with it.

Other safety items to include in your pool area are life vests. Any child who is not a proficient swimmer should wear a life vest in the pool. Keeping a cordless, waterproof phone with emergency numbers posted nearby is another great idea for emergencies.

If your pool is covered, remove any rainwater that accumulates on your cover. Also be sure to completely remove the pool cover before allowing anyone to get in the pool.

Use plastic rather than glassware in the pool area, and always keep pool chemicals safely out of children’s reach.

Pool Safety is everyone’s responsibility! That’s our motto at DCS Pool Barriers.