Pool Fencing for Condo and Apartment Complexes

For the owners and managers of condominium and apartment complexes, balancing aesthetics, cost, and safety is crucial—particularly when it comes to securing the pool area. At DCS Pool Barriers, our specialties include the design, manufacture, and installation of premium-quality wrought iron pool fencing for condo and apartment complexes, ensuring that your property not only looks beautiful but also adheres to stringent safety standards.

Custom Wrought Iron Pool Fencing Solutions

Apartment Pool Fencing DCS Pool Barriers

From small communities to large-scale developments with hundreds of units, each property has its own unique style and safety requirements. Whether you’d prefer a sleek, minimalist design or a more ornate fencing style, the team at DCS Pool Barriers is adept at providing tailored solutions that enhance both the security and visual appeal of your pool area. To see some of our previous projects and gather inspiration, check out our gallery below!


Long-Lasting Safety

Our wrought iron fences are constructed from the highest quality materials, including premium-grade, 16-gauge steel, and are available with a galvanization option that comes with a 10-year warranty against rust. This durability minimizes the risk that children will be able to enter the pool area without supervision, while also reducing maintenance requirements and providing a strong return on your investment.


Compliance with State and Local Laws Governing Pool Barriers

Arizona law imposes certain requirements on pool fences and gates—and local ordinances may be even more restrictive. We are knowledgeable about all applicable laws governing pool barriers and will ensure that your fences and gates are compliant, which is a powerful way to prevent accidents and reduce your liability.

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