Foster Care Homes Pool Safety Requirements

Foster care homes must comply with the Department of Health Services regulations at

Any Foster care applicants with a swimming pool must attain CPR certification and have a pool fence that meets DHS regulations.

Childcare and Home Child Care Pool Safety Requirements

For Childcare Licensing and Home Child Care the following is required:

Any Childcare Facility and Home Child Care must meet fence standards of 5’ in height with self-closing, self-latching, lockable gate and no vertical or horizontal open spaces exceeding 4” at any point.  All Gates are to be locked when pool is not in use and pool machinery is inaccessible.

DCS Pool Barriers can help you prepare for pool safety for foster care or home child care requirements.

Pool Safety is everyone’s business!

Many City Ordinances in the Phoenix Metro area require door alarms installed on all swimming pool access doors.