Wrought Iron Fence and Gate Repair

Wrought Iron Fence Repair

Customer Testimonial

“I would just like to thank you for the wonderful job that was done at my house. The installers that did the work were very good and did a great job. The fence and gate look great. Thank You!”

At DCS Pool Barriers we specialize in wrought iron fence repair and gate repair for pools, homes and commercial buildings. If your fence is starting to be an eyesore due to rusting, bent pickets, fading color (or you’re just wanting a brand new look), then don’t delay, contact us!

DCS Pool Barriers – Rust Repair on Fences

DCS technicians will repair or replace rusted pickets or posts, making our swimming pool gate and fence repair service a significant money saver when compared to replacing the entire fence! We use the latest in technology for refinishing wrought iron fencing – Electrostatic Painting.

Electrostatic painting is the premier system for coating metal surfaces on site with no mess or “over-spray”. More specifically, electrostatic painting is a process of painting that uses negative and positive charges to adhere paint to a metal surface. The electrostatic force is so powerful that it even pulls the paint around corners, ensuring a smooth, even coat without drip marks.

At DCS we specialize in (but are not limited to) refinishing old wrought iron or aluminum fencing, furniture and railing, and pool fence repair.

DCS Pool Barriers Electrostatic Painting Process

  • Grind rusted areas
  • Prime entire piece or spot prime (depending on the severity of rust) with a epoxy rust inhibitor primer
  • Finally, we paint the fence with the highest quality paint (2 parts urethane) designed specifically for metal. We use an electrostatic painter to create an almost perfect finish!

DCS also offers the following service:  We can take down your existing fence and gate, and have it surface prepped, and re-powder coated.

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Gate Repair

Having problems with your existing gate?  Is your gate crooked or are your hinges and latch not working properly? Do you need to replace hinges and latches with parts that satisfy building codes?  Is your wood not sitting properly on the gate?  Wrought iron looking rusted, tired and worn out?   Over time, the weather, sun, water, and wear and tear on a gate can take a toll.  DCS Pool Barriers provides all services to fix and repair gates for swimming pools, homes or buildings.  We can repair your gate to make it look new, or if necessary, will recommend replacement if the gate is beyond repair.  We are knowledgeable and trained in the necessary building codes for areas in Phoenix Metro area and can bring your property up to code for your barrier safety needs.